Previous Editions:
4th International workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing (2015).
3rd International workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing (2013).
2nd International workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing (2011).
1st International workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing (2009).
Title Presenter
The impact of an economic crisis on the quality of life of aging workers: the case of Greece Anna Saiti (Greece)
Effects of the crisis on the older population in Turkey: how the crisis increased the poverty of older people Hakki Yilmaz (Turkey)
The economic crisis and the perceived-health of older people in Italy: time trend study 2008-2015 Elisa Cisotto (Italy)
Title Presenter
Variations in the financial impact of widowhood Sanna Nivakoski (Ireland)
Social networks, family and kinship ties of the elderly in migrant families: the receipt of financial and non-financial transfers Malgorzata Kalbarczyk (Poland)
Human needs, income adequacy and equivalence scales for the elderly populations in Portugal: some evidence and policy implications José Pereirinha (Portugal)
Title Presenter
Care arrangements and interactions for siblings providing care to an elderly parent in France Quitterie Roquebert (France)
The aggregation of information in care markets Paula Albuquerque (Portugal)
The impact of cash or services on the equitable use of home care by older people Ricardo Rodrigues (Austria)
Time-use in the provision of care to the elderly Pedro Perista (Portugal)
Title Presenter
Different types of health expenditures in an overlapping generations model Annarita Baldanazi (Italy)
Identifying the potential for longer working lives in Europe Daniela Weber (Austria)
Looking beyond averages: quantile regression approach to model older-adult Europeans’ quality of life Elisa Cisotto (Italy)
Measuring successful aging with respect for what matters to older persons Koen Decancq (Belgium)
Title Presenter
Endogenous retirement decisions in an OLG model with household heterogeneity Duarte Leite (Germany)
The retirement decision: similarity and differences in the SHARE’s countries Israel Luski (Israel)
‘What could make me stay at work?’ A qualitative study about retirement predictors Inês Sousa (Portugal)
Does the task specific retirement behaviour in Germany support the polarization hypothesis? Gender differences among socially insured German workers Laura Romeu-Gordo (Germany)
Post-retirement employment: a gendered analysis and perspectives for employment issues Diane-Gabrielle (Canada)